French Testimonials


There is no doubt - there is solid value in your paid content for someone facing the challenge of relocation or extended residence. Great site!



Dear Liesa, We are presently purchasing a property in France, and your site has proved to be incredibly useful! I cannot see why you don’t charge more for your site. It is easily worth many times what you charge for this. I just wanted to let you know: Many thanks Kerry


Liesa, I discovered from your site that the French law of succession apparently requires that certain relatives (children, parents, brothers or sisters) inherit real estate. To think that if I hadn’t subscribed to your site before buying my property, I would not have known how to avoid the absolutely bizarre French succession laws! I have no close relatives, and in my case, the only relatives are third degree cousins, and of those there are thousands (I have grandparents who had lots of siblings and they had numerous families). It gives me nightmares to think how close my property came to having to eventually be split up between all of them!

I did not come across this information anywhere before I found your priceless site.


Jack McMurtry 



I lived in Paris for a year, met and married my husband there and plan on buying an apartment sometime in the next 2-5 years in Paris and living there again as soon as it is feasible. This website is invaluable. Thank you, Heather Amrani


Dear Liesa, WOW! This is fantastic news! I am overjoyed. Your website is exactly what I have been desperately needing. Your simple guidance makes what seems so complicated relatively simple. (I am learning the discipline of simplicity in speech myself). THANK YOU!

I promise I will help spread the word about your new site and services. I am quite the promoter and need and want your services!

Thank you for the effort you have obviously put into this site.

Kristen Firwell ==

Dear Liesa HURRAY !! I have been registered to your site for the past six months. We would like to thank you for your wealth of information, and have registered for another 6 month subscription. We look forward to using what we learned on your site over the next year as we take the plunge !! Thanks again. Claire


Hi Liesa, thanks for your site. I am very grateful for the French and English versions of the property contracts.

I'm currently based in Northern Ireland. I want to help you out a bit with raising awareness of your incredibly helpful website...I work in public relations myself - I don't know if you've got much coverage of your site and its services here in the UK? More people need to know about your site and offerings!!



Bonjour Liesa, What a fabulous site! I am grateful for it. I lived in France from 1988-1989 and then from 1990 - 1994. During that time, I was a student and worked part-time for two years, then worked for 18 months on the AIPT-OMI temporary visa. When it ran out, so did my options, since my boss did not want to pay me more salary and go through the work papers process. I returned, heartbroken, to the US and have lived here 9 years. All of the ideas (freelancing, starting business, buying property) for moving legally to France have been in my head, but until I found your site I didn’t know where to start.

I just wanted you to know that thanks to your site, I have stopped dreaming and am actually moving back to France next month. Thank you so much.

Joanna Marcus


Hi. I LOVE your website. It is soooo encouraging. We live in England (I am American; husband English) with our 2 and 5 year old children. We have a happy little house on a river, but we pay for private education, have a very impersonal health service, gray skies (I am from California), competitive neighbors, but some nice English friends, my husband's work commute is hellish....

For over 2 yrs now, we have been contemplating a permanent move to France. We both speak good French. Our house is on the market here; we have identified Provence, near Avignon or Arles and we would look to move in Spring 2004. I am 99% there, but have been afraid to completely make the leap – until I became a member of your site. Thanks for giving me the courage and information necessary to follow our French dreams.



Dear Liesa, My husband and I just bought a subscription to your publication. It's really good. Anything that makes relocating to another country easier is very valuable. I wish there had been something like that when we first moved to China 5 years ago! We are relocating to Nantes in January, and I want to find out if there are any bilingual school options for my kids. Thanks much.

Michelle Christensen


I am a new member who is moving to france in about 6 weeks and need all the help I can get on living in France. I just wanted to let you know that your site is even better than expected. Thanks for your help.




The Roadahead
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