Moving to France - Live the dream! Find a house, get a mortgage, or just plan the perfect vacation

Moving to France is the dream of many people. It was my dream, and I made it come true. Now, I can teach you how to do the same - for a sabbatical, a summer, or a lifetime.

I have started my own business in France (read: figured out the nightmare of French administration related to starting your own business in France), enrolled my six children in a variety of schools - private bilingual, public, public boarding school with English section. I have been pregnant and delivered a baby in France. I have bought and sold houses in France, lived in a rental house, filed tax returns in France, bought and sold cars in France, and shopped for most anything legal you can think of.

Here you will find information from my experiences in France. I also welcome any journals/diaries/blogs, photos, stories, articles, tips, etc. that you might want to publish related to moving to or living in France. Ideally, this site should serve as a community of English speakers who live in, are moving to, or just like France - where we can all share ideas and experiences.

I have learned so many things about living in France the hard way, and have happily survived. Why not profit from my experiences and quit dreaming?! This site really does make moving to France easy.

Bootcamp Conference France
A real bootcamp conference for those who dream of moving to France. Finally make your dream a reality! September 16 - 18, 2005 at Mas de Puech Long in Calvisson, France.

Life in France Monthly E-Zine
monthly e-zine with topics on moving to france and living in france.

French Vacation Rentals
French Vacation Rentals - homes available for short-term rentals in the South of France.

Actual French Properties for Sale

Actual French properties for sale. This is a detailed description of the house and yard, with pricing and availability information.

Buying a House in France - Making an Offer
Once you have found the house you want, then what? What constitutes an offer? Is there any money involved? What if you change your mind? /p>

Buying a House in France - NO Disclosure Laws!
Buyer BEWARE! When buying a house in France, you should know that there are NO disclosure laws, and act accordingly.

Long Stay Visa
1st French Administration hurdle - how to apply for and receive long stay visa for France, what to expect, what supporting documents you need to provide.

Driving in France
You can only legally drive with your American driver's license for one year. After that you must have a French.

Household Goods & Documents to Pack When You Move to France
Obvious and Not so Obvious household goods and documents to move with you to France

What NOT to Pack
Don't waste time and money moving THESE items to France; what not to bring and why

Earn a Living in France Without a Work Permit
Creative ways to earn a living without a traditional job, live where you want, create a web-based business, sell your knowledge or services online, online auctions, teach English, work part time

Culture Shock after Moving to France
what is

Self-Employment in France
Describes how to get permission to be self-employed in France. Where to start with the French Administration, and what to expect. Social charges involved.

Learn to Speak French
There are many French language learning methods and materials available, and some are MUCH more effective and pleasant to use than others.

Our Story of Moving to France
About us moving to France: Who we are . . . Where we came from . . . Where we are going . . .

Impressions of France by an American Teen
Impressions of France by an American teen. How is France different from America, and how is it the same?

Questions related to Moving to France, Buying a House in France, all things French. If I don't already know the answer, I will try to find out for you.

French Real Estate Terminology
a guide to terminology used to describe properties in France. Learn how to describe your dream home to a French immoblier.

Preparing For the Move to France
What you need to know to prepare for the move to France. Getting your long-stay visa, finding housing, the moving company, the move.

Shopping in France
Where to go for everyday household shopping in France. 

Web Log
a web log on moving to france made easy, administration issues, specific issues that come up related to moving to France and integrating well

The French Education System
The French Education System - Explained.

French Health Insurance
How do you qualify and apply for French Health Insurance?

Banking in France
Explains just about all aspects of banking in France - from opening an account to writing checks to obtaining a loan.

Cooking in France
Your favorite American recipes converted so that you can make them with the ingredients readily available for cooking in France. Measurement and temperature conversions, & ingredient substitutions.

The French System of Education - Ages 3 to 6
Summary of French Education for Preschool through Kindergarten; geared especially to people moving to France from another country. Comparisons with American Preschools and Kindergarten.

Medical Care in France
What to expect for Medical Care in France. Vocabulary, Common Medications, Communicating with the medical provider in France. Having a baby in France. 

French Real Estate Transaction Fees
Avoid bad surprises at your French house closing, which fees are included in the price of the house and which are extra? French real estate transaction fees explained.

Site Build It!
Learn how even kids are able to make their own successful (profitable) business online. No HTML or other programming knowledge required. Includes keyword searching, site building, newsletter, SEO.

English Satellite Television
tells how to get English satellite television anywhere in Europe or Northern Africa - without having a contact in the UK

Links to other sites of interest to those who are moving or dreaming of moving to France.

Actual French Properties for Sale
Actual French properties for sale -in the South of France, with descriptions, photos, prices, and contact information! New properties added weekly.

French Dating and Penpals
How to find your true French love, or even a French penpal.

French Forums
Online expat community - French Forums. Ask questions of other expats, online classifieds, also message boards just for kids and just for teens.

French Testimonials
testimonials about how useful our information on moving to france has been

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